Few of our milestones achieved during the past

For a leading defence aircraft manufacturing public sector organisation we have successfully translated documents from Russian language to English. Provided technical manuals for support of the aircraft. Services of scanning, printing, binding and translation were executed.

For a leading cancer research and treatment hospital in India we successfully digitized patient records. Thus enabled a quick and easy method of access and storage.

For an old and leading publication in Netherlands we have successfully digitized very old and delicate newspaper archives into a searchable pdf format.

For a swiss based leading pharma company we have successfully digitized their scientist research materials available from microfilms to pdf format.

For a nuclear based government organisation in India we have digitized thousands of drawings from hardcopy format to image and CAD format respectively.

For many newspaper organisation we have converted their newspapers to microfilm format.

For enabling a state government to go paper less by digitizing records pertaining to land records to public and making it available in digital format.

For a leading chemical and fertilizer based government company we have successfully deployed the document management system and also digitized their drawings and documents.

For a leading railway corporation we have successfully digitized the drawings and documents.