nextStar PLUS

Combined with nextScan scanners, the NextStar Workow Software Platform can provid optimum speed and signicantly reduce conversion costs by minimizing operator setup and QA, all while eliminating the need for rescans. All image data is captured initially in grayscale as a “Ribbon”, so image enhancements can be performed at the audit workstation, enabling optimum scan time and speed, quality of output and accuracy of the overall process.

nextStar PLUS Software Provides the Most Comprehensive Micrographics Workflow Software Platform


  • no images are missed during scanning. Images captured in uncompressed/compressed 12 bit grayscale ribbon les
  • Adjustable contrast and gamma correction after scanning
  • Capable of capture and processing of ribbons using compressed or uncompressed data to maximize image delity and OCR precision
  • Automatic film classification and frame detection


  • Standard 5 audit workstation license. Licenses can be purchased for additional workstations.
  • No special hardware needed – standard office PCs can be used for auditing.

"The software sells itself."

- Canadian nextScan Customer

Optional FicheStar and Virtual Film Software

FicheStar.... Computer Output Microfilm (COM), Fiche Conversion Software. A new cutting edge solution that dramatically reduces operator auditing time.

  • No grid set up or alignment
  • Handles skewed fiche
  • Auto adds index pages, title bar
  • Automated process, 90% reduction in operator intervention

Virtual FIlm software inexpensively converts Microfilm to a digital format that can be viewed from any PC workstation.

  • Conversion costs much lower than traditional microlm scanning

Additional charges apply for add-on software products Please contact for pricing and upgrades

NextStar PLUS Conversion Process
NextStar PLUS Conversion Process

Feature Rich

  • Color coding of frame detection confidence and black out mode as a visual aid for the audit operator
  • Simultaneous scanning audit, indexing & QA inspection for enhanced workflow
  • Audit, re-audit / QA capability and indexing along with exception routing and user definable processes in the workflow
  • Regional auto thresholding for bitonal images
  • Rotate, mirror, crop, deskew, despeckle and edge enhancement filters, all post scan operations
  • Export for many ECM systems output and index support for most document managent sysems.
  • Flexible file naming and index file generation.
  • Tri-level blip detection and naming for easier indexing with re-sequence & new-sequence capabilities


  • Full support for vertical naming on fiche including multipage files
  • Individual frame-by-frame post process image enhancement option if needed.
  • Independent image enhancement settings for multiple or individual output images
  • Insert / delete frames or images while maintaining file naming integrity
  • Independent image enhancement settings for multiple or individual output images
  • Unlimited output image formats, all definable after scanning
  • Supports most paper scanners (grayscale)